A Decentralized Model to Amplify COVID-19 Testing Capability

Our solution leverages existing laboratory capabilities and enhances testing capacity to help us beat COVID-19. If you are a laboratory possessing highly-skilled personnel and equipment, you could help us scale COVID-19 Testing.


The Problem

Conventional Testing Doesn't Scale

Crucial Testing Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched our diagnostic testing capacity: the number of tests available do not meet the population's needs. Testing is conventionally performed at clinical labs with pre-assembled kits, strictly bound to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Conventional Testing: "Rule-in"

Most tests use a “rule in” approach: a positive result confirms a patient has the disease. These conventional tests are challenging to implement and have logistical and supply chain constraints. If any part of the kit is unavailable, or if the instructions cannot be exactly followed, testing cannot be performed. Additionally, these tests require specific instrumentation and have defined training or state licensing requirements for personnel running the tests.

Massive Backlogs

If more tests are needed than a laboratory can accommodate, the resulting backlog will significantly delay or invalidate specimen testing. With the number of COVID-19 infections growing each day, we need a solution to rapidly scale testing capacity nationally and globally.

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